In practice, only a few complaints by associations have been carried out so far. Click here to find an example of an association action presented at the federal administrative court.

A “Verbandsklage” allows a competent and registered association to appear as plaintiff in court itself.

In principle, only those who are themselves in their rights affected are allowed to take legal action. An action by an association – a Verbandsklage - is only admissible if a law provides for such a procedure. They may then bring a legal complaint. However, if specific persons are affected, a complaint is usually conducted with the consent of the persons concerned. However, in such a case we speak of a representative action, as explained in the dossier.

In Germany, only a few regulations authorize the filling of a complaint by associations. The regulations are to be found in the German Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act (BGG), in the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG), in the Law on injunctions for consumer and other offenses (UKlaG) and in the Law against unfair competition (UWG).

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